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You probably already know that ANDRITZ has a long history of building pulp and paper mills, as well as installing new machinery in existing mills. You may even know that we have long-running partnerships with producers to modernize their processes continually, keeping their pulp and paper mills at the state-of-the-art.

But what you may not know about us, is that we have also been trusted for decades by pulp and paper mills to carry out . . . maintenance.

In fact, ANDRITZ Paper Maintenance Service has been helping to keep day-to-day paper mill equipment running properly for more than 30 years, all around the world. And now, we are introducing that service in Europe - for example, we are already handling a wide range of paper mill maintenance for one of Europe’s headline packaging companies.

You might think, “But we already have our own maintenance team.” Great - we love to work with them!

World Wide Lab

It can be difficult to keep track of all the latest knowhow for all of the machinery in a paper mill – but we are experts in every single piece of it. After all, we build it. And not only that, but we also have dozens of maintenance contracts with mills around the world, which effectively means the pulp and paper industry is our giant laboratory, where we learn about people, maintenance culture, what works well and why.

We know from that experience that many mills struggle with high maintenance costs and/or maintenance-related downtime. And we know exactly how to reduce the volume of lost production, while cutting the cost of maintenance for each tonne of paper produced.

We do this with a range of services that ensure your paper mill equipment will keep operating at top efficiency – all year round, and over the long term. Reducing wear, maximizing efficiency and uptime, increasing replacement intervals – making sure you get the most out of your plant, for the very best return on investment. This can be especially helpful when a mill (or part of a mill) is getting older and machinery efficiency is no longer at its maximum.

ANDRITZ Paper Maintenance Service can not only increase, but also guarantee the performance of your assets (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). By keeping them available and reliable, with zero unexpected maintenance-related stops and accidents, and less corrective maintenance and overtime, we help you to keep on meeting your production and budget targets for the entire life cycle of your mill.

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Less Pain, More Gain

We understand that maintenance must balance cost and performance – a balance that is constantly evaluated to ensure the sustainability of the mill and its continuous processes. This transforms maintenance from a necessary cost into a tool to become more competitive and more profitable.

With that in mind, we have the expertise to analyze your whole mill, and identify opportunities that are often quick and low-cost, with big benefits, with our Performance Study and Implementation service . More than that, we can back up your maintenance team to make sure that any existing, persistent problems become a thing of the past. And this can be as big or small as you like: you choose which part (or parts) of your mill you want us to keep trouble-free - this is the “Modular” part of our Modular Maintenance Services. In addition, when maintenance requires a production stoppage, we can optimize the downtime to ensure minimum losses and maximum benefits, with our Shutdown Management service.

Below, we show two real-life examples where mills trusted ANDRITZ’s Paper Maintenance Service to bring the problematic parts of their plants back up to smooth operation.

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