RecyclingTALK #3

Bringing success to our customers: Latest news on single machines, start-ups and after sales

Welcome to the registration page for our RecyclingTALK #3 

Join our live session, where our speakers will illustrate how we are bringing real success to our customers! We will look behind the scenes and talk about an outstanding modernization showcase in fridge recycling. And we look forward to sharing the latest enhanced shredder design in fine grinding and its possible new applications. Finally, we’ll provide an insight into how to get the most out of your mill equipment with our service offering.

Date:    2022-02-17

Time:    2.00–3.30 pm (CET)



Franz Frühauf

Sales Director,
ANDRITZ Recycling


Bernhard Schachinger

Product Engineer,
ANDRITZ Recycling


Andrejus Jodko

Head of Sales and Production,
EMP Recycling UAB


Uwe Hermsdorf

Director Technology, Order Execution and Engineering,
ANDRITZ Recycling


Thomas Gemeiner

Director Global Product Management and After Sales,
ANDRITZ Recycling

In this webinar, your will learn more about:

  • The streamlined ADuro F shredder for efficient fine grinding with less dust and its new uses for cables, wood and RDF.
  • How EMP Recycling UAB, Lithuania, is profiting from its modernized fridge recycling plant, rebuilt by ANDRITZ.
  • How ANDRITZ wear components, replacement parts, and comprehensive service contracts can help you achieve higher capacity, higher product quality, lower costs, and extended equipment lifetime.


  • Words of welcome from the webinar host
    by Franz Frühauf, ANDRITZ Recycling
  • “Advanced ADuro F shredder for efficient fine grinding”
    by Bernhard Schachinger, ANDRITZ Recycling
  • “Look behind the scenes - modernization showcase EMP Recycling, Lithuania”
    by Andrejus Jodko, EMP Recycling UAB and Uwe Hermsdorf, ANDRITZ Recycling
  • “Customer focused after sales offering”
    by Thomas Gemeiner, ANDRITZ Recycling
  • Closing address