RecyclingTALK #2

How modern technologies can revolutionize plastics recycling.

Welcome to the registration page for RecyclingTALK #2 | How modern technologies can revolutionize plastics recycling.

Join our live session, where we will discuss the latest technological advancements that can fundamentally revolutionize the plastics recycling industry and also take a look at how we can achieve a successful transition from landfilling of plastic waste to sustainable use of existing resources.

Date:    2021-07-14

Time:    2.00–3.30 pm (CET)

In this webinar, your will learn more about:

  • the latest developments and current challenges in the plastics recycling industry,
  • innovative shredding and separation technologies for more efficient plastics recycling, with recovery rates of up to 99.5%,
  • best practice examples of economical ways to re-use mixed plastics,
  • and how to get the most out of your plastic waste.


  • Words of welcome from the webinar host
    by Franz Frühauf, ANDRITZ Recycling
  • “Challenges in plastics recycling – need for innovative approaches”
    by Arne M. Ragossnig, eco Consultants
  • “How to extract maximum value from plastic waste?”
    by Franz Frühauf, ANDRITZ Recycling
  • “ADuro U shredder – high performance shredding of mixed plastics”
    by Robert Ulrich, ANDRITZ Recycling
  • “CENSOR ACZ decanter centrifuge – all-in-one solution for separating, washing, and dewatering”
    by Hartmut Sassen, ANDRITZ Separation
  • Closing address



Dipl.-Ing. Dr. MSc. (OU) Arne M. Ragossnig

Engineering consultant for industrial environmental protection, disposal technology and recycling, generally sworn and legally certified expert, Managing Director,
eco Consultants



Franz Frühauf

Sales Director, ANDRITZ Recycling



Robert Ulrich

Product Engineer, ANDRITZ Recycling



Hartmut Sassen

Sales Engineer, ANDRITZ Separation